Fools Five ~ I ran for Kristi’s Dad and George

Iphone Prom 329 The fools five miler or 8K is a Great local Race that raises money for Cancer of all types.Last year they donated 90,000.00 to the Local Cancer telethon.  I have run this 4 years now and The first year I ran it I was in awe.  It is the best small town race around, thousands of people fill up the streets of this town and run in Memory or in Honor of Loved ones, friends and family members. Iphone Prom 398 The energy here at this race is just amazing, It is Bitter sweet.  I always shed tears on this run for sure. It is cuz this is a great race for a great cause that keeps me coming back, not just to run.  I also love seeing all the people coming out that might not run or walk much to do this for someone.  Well a few years ago my friend Kristi’s dad was diagnosed with Cancer, so so sad for her.Iphone Prom 367  So that year we ran for him, he fought hard and thought they had got it.  Well this year it came back and it was not good, I felt so sad for her, It was heart braking to see her and its so hard I never know the right things to say or do but just care for her and try to comfort her. She said she was running for him and I said I wanted to run for him again for sure.  So we did  and her sons ran for their Grandpa as well.Iphone Prom 385  It was so sad but yet proud and happy to be running for him.  I also ran for my dear friend Helen’s Husband, George Restovich, he died of Cancer, way to young 😦  Then Helen told me after I ran it for him, that it was his Birthday that day.  More tears.  I was so Happy that we ran for Kristi’s dad because a week later He just passed away.Iphone Prom 360

We will forever have this memory of running for him.~ RIP Jerome ~

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


One thought on “Fools Five ~ I ran for Kristi’s Dad and George

  1. I am looking forward to following your blog. 🙂 Maybe we’ll be able to meet up at Granddad’s Half. Mile 7 literally runs right by the house I grew up in. This will be only my 2nd half and first time I’ll be running this one. Weather is supposed to be great! I’m nervous about the 2 mile downhill though at the start!

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