The Journey to my 8th Marathon

Iphone Prom 209Well Hello its been awhile again, its gets so busy I don’t know which way I am turning some days but love being busy, I am full of energy so I do best when it’s like that!! Hope you all have been great and enjoying Spring  🙂  Its been a weird Spring here, some nice days, weeks here and there then chilly ones and cold again now.    I will be going back and writing a few blogs on my Half Marathons so far this year, cuz I love going back and reading them and I have been slacking on the writing them  ugh.  Iphone Prom 231I am in a Virtual series to Run 5 miles by the 5th of the month each month, I have got all those in. They always give me a motivation boost, just what I need some days.  I have been getting some great runs in and missing a few here and there to.  Doing the best I can, with where I am at now. Life gets busy and I am so Happy that I am not hard on my self if I miss a run or a workout.  I am running for the pure Joy and loving MY JOURNEY, mine only :))   I have run 6 Half marathons this year so far, so that has kept me in good shape an makes me very Happy.  I need to step it up and get an 18 miler and a 20 miler in, in the next few weeks.  I am also running 2 Half Marathons back to back this next and the next weekend!!  Last week I got another 16 Miler in at one of my favorite spots RUN Happy spot on the trail.Iphone Prom 473  It was so nice out and I was so happy to be out there!!  I was just giddy, It was pretty windy so that is why I chose down there, out of the wind more.  The wind doesn’t want to chill out these days, it makes it tough, but it is a great push to run in it!! The run was going great, I saw a biker on the trail, it always makes me smile to see other people out doing what they love too.  I have been having a few issues again with my legs and sciatic and My right shoulder has been hurting so I have been laying off boot camp and lifting for a few weeks to heal it up.  I put KTape on and that has helped a lot.  It is feeling much better now, so I am so thankful for that!! So I had about 2 miles left, it was getting tough for me.  My legs don’t really like me after I ran anymore that 13 miles and My hip was hurting, but I pushed through it.  I shed some tears on the trail, I was calling for my eagle friend and I always think it’s one of my grandpa. So I didn’t see Mr. eagle yet and was just talking like he was around. I asked if he was watching over grandma Cuz she just had hip surgery and who comes flying over and landed not too far me and just sat there. I was in instance tears, this was unbelievable. So that meant yes he is watching over her. I’m still smiling from that and my phone died or I would have had an amazing picture of him. I am so happy I go this long run in.  My run was in memory and in honor of everyone affected from the Boston Bombing 2 years ago. Boston Strong. I got home and took a nice but freezing Ice bath, those always help so much.Iphone Prom 482I know that this Marathon is going to be tough but I am going to go out there and have fun doing what I love and enjoying the Rochester area, I am so excited to run this one, nice and close to home.  So this Saturday I head to the cities to Run Get in Gear Half Marathon.  This will be my 3rd year running this, a very organized race, always love this one.  Then Next weekend has a very special place in my heart.  Grandad Half Marathon in Lacrosse Wisconsin.  this will be my 5th Year running it.  It was my first Half marathon 5 years ago.  I still can’t believe that is where it all started, I remember being so nervous to run that.  I can’t wait to run that one again.  I love how excited I still get to run another half, even though I know how hard it’s going to be it’s so rewarding and brings so much Joy to me.  So 1 month to go on my Journey to my next marathon and then 3 weeks later my 9th marathon, I know call me crazy.  LOL so I can say this Med City can be a training run for my Next then right Ha Ha :))  I am never going to get to a finish line, It’s a life time Running Journey for me as long as my body can take it and I am so Happy to be on this Joy ride.  One mile at a time, one foot in front of the other 🙂

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay  


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