Just so busy enjoying life, forgot I had a blog ~ Wow

 iphone pictures 1025Wow, it has been awhile since I have blogged.  It has been a very busy summer again & no time to sit and write, well at least that is not where I invest my time. I have not written since April, lots of catching up to do, but When I started this blog, I was not going to be a daily or a weekly writer and that’s ok. I Just wanted to share my feeling on my runs and have them here for me. Time to look back and get that Mojo I had a few years ago again.  I know I can get it back, it will be tough and I will have to dig deep for it. I am not a very good writer  but I do know that when you have a passion for something is shows in your writing and it feels natural to write it ~  I Love to look back at my blogs and runs and races,  It inspires me again and makes my heart smile 🙂 iphone pictures 1465Well I have run quite a few races this summer. This last month has been a tough month, I had a few injuries and didn’t get as much running in as I would have hoped for.  Life is busy and sometimes things come up that we do not plan and that is 0k. Its how you deal with it, Stay positive and  you move on and make the best of it.  I am very happy That I am not as hard on my self as some are. I am just so thankful I can run!  This summers races have been pretty good.  My training has not been near what it has been in the past, I have not been putting in the effort and time and changing up my training like I have I few years, then I can’t expect great things and I am ok with that, I love to run and this year I just decided I would do my own thing and run for fun and that has been what I have been doing . It has not been pain-free, my leg and black hurt a lot. I have gained some weight ugh hopefully one of these days I will get serious about eating healthier and kicking my plan up a notch.   It makes it pretty tough to run with extra weight, even thought you can run at any size which I am thankful for, it’s just a lot tougher.  This has not been my year for Marathons I know that!!  I was planning and training for my first one of the year which would have been number 8 in May, the Med City Marathon.  I woke up sick that morning.  I knew then it was going to be tough. So I did the right thing and quit at Half 13.1.  I felt a little defeated, but knew my body could not endure any more.  I was  ok and happy I did the right thing.  So as I now this year I have run 13 Half marathons that in its self I am happy with.  I love to always be Half marathon ready and that is my favorite distance for sure.  Even though that is very tough too, I love going back for more.  I have 2 more Official Half marathons planned for this year cant wait to complete my goal.   I am coming off an injury that had me down for about 10 days I think that is the longest I have gone with out running.  I was sick with strep throat that did not help the training.  It was tough, but I think it was just what I needed was a break..  Sometimes you loose your fire and drive.  I am going to push hard to get it back and Yes I will be leaving a goal in the dust but adding a few more and changing it up.  Just on my Journey that you never know what can come up.  still putting one foot in front of the other on my Journey


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