A tough decision, but the Right Decision ~ 

   I had a tough decision but the RIGHT decision. In my heart I know it is Right 🙂  I will Not be running the Twin Cities Marathon this next weekend. I am ok with my decision, of course I shed some tears, but I knew it was the right thing to do and now I am happy that I listened to my body and made the choice with out being to hard on myself. There is alot of time and commitment and sacrifice that goes into training for something big like a marathon. It’s all about the journey to the big day!! Which I have always stressed and told people if they are fully trained the marathon\race day is the icing on the cake. I know that I am not fully trained this time and I am taking it serious. I am not physically or mentally ready right now to run a marathon. Also Injuries can happen when you are not fully trained and I don’t need any more of them. I am happy again that I listened to myself.

There will always be another run or a marathon even though I invested a lot of time training. I was happy training most of the time, so I don’t regret those runs and they will just make me stronger for the next run. I am happy that I have pictures they take me back to my training they make me smile or shed a happy tear. They I was out there giving it what I had. The cards were just not dealt right this time 🙂 I  love running and know it will always be there for me in happy times and in tough times. Sometimes life just gets in the way and that’s ok too. Life is not perfect, it’s tough to make it all balance some days and sometimes it out if put control. Training got tough when I got sick with strep throat,  was sick for 3 weeks, a couple small injuries but big enough to slow me down and no running for 10 days and I am selling my business, which has left me with a mix of emotions. I love to run, but I am not just going to run another marathon just to say I ran another one. Trying not to be so hard on myself.  I look at the big picture of life and there could be a lot worse things than this.

 Like I said, there will always be another run or marathon and running is always there that is why I love it so much. Its Just not the right time in my life for me to be running a marathon. especially when I am not ready. I’m still happy to be able to run My Half Marathons, which truly is my favorite race distance. I have two more half marathons to complete my goal of 15/2 marathons in 2015 that makes me more proud than anything. Knowing that I laced up and proved to myself I can do it and do it again and again. I really no business running a full right now, I will RESPECT this RACE distance 26.2   🙂 it’s no joke and I want to train better and harder like I did a few years ago and do it right for my next one 🙂 my running is for me, no one else ~ excited to see where running takes me next year. I hope I will be back for TC marathon next year and stronger than ever! I have 2 marathons to run to make it to 10 MARATHONS completed my goal. Not fussy about when it happen but that is my goal. I can do it 😉

So I will continue on my Journey

One foot in front of the other through good runs and tough RUNS ~

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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