Suddenly you realize it’s time to start something new and believe in the magic of it  ~ 

        Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year. I know I did with my hubby and friend. So blessed to have great friends and a wonderful husband. I did text with my kids, they’re getting old and don’t hang out with me anymore darn it. I  can’t believe a year has gone by, time sure does fly by. I know last year I had said I was feeling the start of something great and I guess I just didn’t have it in me this last year. My head wasn’t in it, my running wasn’t strong, my training wasn’t strong. It showed in my races too. I kept thinking it was going to get better it never did. My eating habits were not good.  I couldn’t stick to anything like I did it the past years. I gained weight which makes it very hard to run marathons with extra weight. You just feel better when you’re at a normal weight doing things right eating healthier most of the time and exercising regularly. I do know one thing though I was enjoying life maybe just a little too much for the goals I had.  I Have always been one to exercise regularly. I know I had a few slumps  this last year depression got to me a little bit but I got out of it. I was not going to let that win or take over me.   I know that I am strong but I would like to be stronger, I want to be more fit and I know that I have to eat better and My nutrition needs to improved drastically. So back to the start of something great and I really do believe that I have an in me and I feel the start of something new and I need to believe in the magic of the beginning. I am ready for this challenge I have already made one step in helping with my nutrition I just need to stick to it. I believe I can I have a strong head I ran eight marathons I know I can eat healthier. I know some people kind a laugh at New Year’s resolutions or make one of them. You don’t have to have one and that’s fine but some people do and that’s great too. I’ve always had them and they’ve always been about fitness and just being a happier person and be the best I can be. I’m to stay as positive as you can. I usually end up with a similar resolutions your after year hoping this one’s going to be the year.

 Along with my resolution my goals. Are two train harder than I have for my two marathons that I am running this year. It will be numbe  9 and 10 marathons for me.  I still look at that and I’m surprised by that I still can’t believe that I ran and endured eight of them and the training that goes with them. A marathon is no distance to mess around with it serious stuff and I am taking this one more serious than ever  and sticking to it my goal is to be 20 pounds lighter by May 1 st. I am signed up to run the flying pig marathon in Cincinnati Ohio on May 1 and I will see where my training goes from there I want to run Twin Cities Marathon again in October if everything works out. I am so happy that I kicked it in the month of December,  I am more than ready to train for this marathon. I’m one week into my 18 week training.  Going to have to dig deep as I will be training in cold temperatures and on the treadmill and the treadmill is tough for me so I think I will usually buck up and go outside and less it’s a major snowstorm or a major wind. Treadmill sure is nice for times when you work late or it’s dark out when you’re running short of time I am so thankful I have one.

 I jazzed up my treadmill with some new quotes this year to change it up a little I love looking at them and reading them daily reminds me of my goals and challenges me. Another goal is to run 16 races in 2016, most of them will be half marathons and some maybe virtual. I don’t have my full race schedule up as sometimes I don’t sign up till last minute with my busy schedule sometimes it doesn’t always work out And I just try to find a virtual run and do it on my own. Always inspired and motivated me to run on my own I’m glad that I take them seriously. I’m thankful that people set them up and have them available for us to do.   For the last three years I’ve also had a calendar set up in my basement in my workout room. That I will X  it I run and I will X  another X  if I do another workout for the day.  I’ll also put it dad his eye make it to 10,000 steps which that is my daily goal every day and I am going to work hard to get that every day. I Calendar makes me smile every time I come down the stairs and see it it reminds me daily what I need to do. It’s the little things for me that inspire me I’m glad I can be motivated and inspired by those things.

 I need to work harder and stick to other workouts such as 225 insanity get fit class weights etc.  I need to really stick to that it will only make me stronger on my runs I know that from back in 2012 when I was my strongest   Another goal is to go into things that I’ve never done, try new things work harder  be the best me, mom, wife, friend, daughter and sister  I can be 🙂 finding the happiness in everything and the joy even in tough circumstances. I commit to a few social media websites which I am so thankful for and I am so thankful for all my friends on Facebook running and fitness etc. They inspire me daily. I decided years ago when I started up my Facebook page and blog I was doing it for me to stay committed to be accountable and I know I’ve inspired a lot of people along the way so that makes me happy to. This is my journey but I want to be on your journey too.  There’s no better feeling than someone complementing you for helping them on their journey. This is my passion and I’m running with it and I’m here to share it and I’m proud to share and I am not out there to make myself look better or be better than anyone. It my race my pace and I’m loving it.  I am trying hard to be the best version of myself I Can be I struggle too, life is tough sometimes, I’m not perfect but I’m just trying  1 foot in front of the other on my journey. I once again got the new believe journal that I will be using as another tracking device as well as social media I have a lot of stuff but it seems to work good for me so that’s what I’ll continue to do

  I love this book if you want an awesome training journal this is a must. Great inspiring quotes in it as well. My running goals is 1500 miles this next year.  That is if my leg and back and everything else stays healthy I am praying and wood. My doctor did tell me that another MRI would be a good thing for me and once again I said well I can’t until after May 1 and he laughed and he said it doesn’t surprise me that you have another marathon planned,  he said if you have the same running addiction I had. it’s nice when your doctor was a marathon runner. My pain is not all the time and it flares up here and there but I tell you what when I sit around it hurts worse sometimes than  if I’m running or walking. I don’t  want to sit and complain it only makes it worse. I try to stay positive and upbeat and not talk about the little things that could drag you down. Not always trying to make things sound so perfect but you can get yourself into being a real Debbie downer if you keep thinking about the negative when you try to find the happy in the positive in things it sure does turn things around in your outlook on things is much better.   I hope you all have some goals for yourself it’s great to have goals and try to meet them I am looking forward to what’s in store for 2016. I truly believe the best is yet to come this year.

 Today was a great start to my new year I ran my resolution run 5 miles and got a great weight session in I will continue on my run streak and a plank every day for as long as I can and do it. I also got in another great 5 mile walk on the treadmill while writing this blog. That was inspiring to me now, I’ll be able to do it more often.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do that but I did 😊

 I really do love my blog and this year I did not write in it and as much as I wanted to, my goal when I started my blog was just to write once a month. So I am hoping that I can follow through with that again in 2016. I love looking back at my blog it makes my heart smile. My year in review and reflecting on all my 2015 races  is in the next Blog to come.  I always pick a motivating, inspiring word for the year.  I bet you can’t guess it MAGIC. Have always love that word but I’m really finding that I love it even more now. Current will always be my number one word and believes is another fav. You can never have too many managers or words I believe the more inspiring things you can find motivate yourself the better    I thank you all for being part of my journey and wish you all a wonderful new year.  Cheers to the best year yet.

Mile after mile 1 foot in front of the other on my journey ~

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay




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