Winter Run Securian Half Marathon 1st Half of 2016 ~ 

  Hello, wow 2 blogs in one week, pretty good for me. I wanted to write about my first Half marathon of 2016. I was super giddy and excited to start my race season off with this run. I wasn’t 100% ready for this run but I just took it easy and did what I could. I was struggling with some shin pain and I did not want to aggravate that anymore than I had too, so I just took it easy when I had to and made it through. It was nice that I got a good nights sleep before this race. The Race started at nine so I didn’t have to get up too early. I woke up on race day and it’s like a magic has gone through me, I’m giddy,  I’m nervous, I’m like a kid in a candy store but yet I have butterflies. I love it that I still am like that race after race. That’s why I keep going back for more, it is my true passion and Ifeels so right and natural. Makes my heart smile knowing I am in the right place. I headed to St. Paul to the Securian center a great place to park a great place to wait and stay warm before the race. Very organized. A lot of Giveaways, lots of goodies, you get a free shirt and then instead of a medal, you get a coffee mug  😊

  I think that’s a cool change even though I love my metals. I love drinking my coffee out of it. Reminds me of my run. I was talking with a group of girls before the race and everyone was discussing how many layers we all had on. At that point I thought oh boy I have too many layers on. It was a beautiful day but yet still felt chilly to me. 

  I always have this little voice in my head Julia saying shed a layer. Sometimes I listen to her and sometimes I don’t and 100% of the time she is right. Lol I should always listen to her. Well needless to say I was hotter than heck on the whole entire run I took my headband off at the end and my hair was absolutely dripping, soaking wet. I knew I burnt a ton more calories lol. Along my journey I was playing leapfrog with this girl. She would run ahead of me then I would go up ahead of her then she would go ahead of me bee did this pretty much the whole entire race. I finally decided to chat with her with a mile and half left. I told her she reminded me of a friend that has red hair that I wish was running with me. I just pretend my friend was there with me. She then told me that I was her inspiration. I got a tear at that moment and thought even know I was running slow I was still an inspiration to somebody ~ it doesn’t matter how fast you go as long as you’re going it’s your race it’s your pace. I am proud no matter what. I ran off and I did not stop until I got to the finish. I ran by my favorite building.  

 It makes my heart smile and thought of the great memories of it that I will have with me forever. I was greeting by Frostbite the polar bear. He loves taking selfies lol 

  I was happy I finished my race and happy I laced up again. I was meeting up with my daughter and friends for a volleyball photo shoot, so it worked out great that I was running up there. It was a great day and my next race is in 2 weeks. I am going to do 16 in 2016. Going to run 16 half marathon in 2016 official and Virtaul. Also planning on running a lot of different races this year so I am going to run 16 for official races of all different distances. 5k, 10k, 10 milers, 13.1 and 26.2. It’s going to be the best year. I can just feel it and the best part I will be turning 40 and I am going to be in my shape ever!!  Big Goals so with that I will continue one foot in front of the other, mile after mile in my journey to be Healthy and Fit for Life 
Glitter Girl in the Run ~ Lindsay 



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