Half Fast Half marathon    #2 of 16 in 2016

            Hope you are all doing great!! Spring is almost here. I can’t wait!!  Wow this winter went fast compared to some. Maybe it was cuz I was so busy training and working on the new me. Busy with my daughter and basketball and volleyball. All the stuff I love to do!!  Well we had a volleyball tournament scheduled in the cities. So I when I signed up for this  Half Fast Half, I thought perfect. Volleyball and running my kind of weekend.  I can race this and then head over to volleyball after. We didn’t start Vollyball til the afternoon,  so It was perfect. My winter training was going great. I was going out and enduring all different temps and  Snow and sleet and lots of wind. I truly believe, Though winter runs make you so much stronger and your pace is so much better and you already Know I’m not the biggest treadmill fan. I push so much harder outside. So that is what I did all winter !! My training is right on track, just like training for my first marathon. So back to the half, I got up that morning and the weather was supposed to be in the 30s that day, but driving up it was slick in spots. When I went to check in someone fell on the side walk. They were ok but  I thought oh dear. Well that was right. We had to be very careful could not run it as fast as we would of liked,  but I was ok with that. By mile 9 it was melting nicely and at Mile 9 I thought this is goi g really really well. The only thing I thought at that time was where were the water stations. I was quite thirsty by then. I ran into this girl and she said somewhere someone took a wrong turn and everyone was running the wrong route. Oh boy, but  we just kept going and  ran into a volunteer that gave us water gels. That was great and got us back on track. I ran the rest with this very nice girl, Carmen who happened to be a roommate of a girl I went to high school with. It’s a small world. I love meeting new runner friends. We chatted for the rest of the 3 miles, it was grest and just what I needed.  We then realized we were going to be a little short so of course o had to run the rest to make up the difference. Got a great medal. Always earned never given. I am s happy with how much stronger I am and running with less weight is just amazing. It’s inspire me to keep losing.

  I figured if you had 5 saks of 5 pound each of flour in a back pack would you bring them with on your run. NO WAY. Well you would have too but now that I have lost it. Running feels so much better and I’m not going back. CHANGE TO CHANGE  ~ Everything is just better. Good choices are so much better.  So I headed to the hotel after this run with a big smile on my face. Knowing I went to another start line ~ 44 Half marathons when I know how hard they are. I always love a challenge and this 16 halfs in 2016 will keep me in half shape all year!!  So with that on to my next half, my favorite race distance. With a big smile because I am reaching my goals and believing in myself that if you put your mind to it and have diciplin and work hard. It will prove hard pays off. Marathon day is just around the corner time to turn it up even more.  Mile after mile, one foot in front of the other on my Jouney ~

Glitter Gitl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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