About Me

I am a wife to an amazing Husband, a proud mother of 2 kids that are the light of my life. I have huge Passion for Exercise, I Love all types of exercise. I even bought a Fitness center because I Love it so much!! Running has become my biggest passion lately. I have been running almost 4 years now. I Love to run, I love to read about it, I log all my running and exercise on the Daily Mile, I have found some wonderful friends through the internet that have the same kind of passion as I do about running. It truly takes to you to a place you only know of if you’re a runner!! I have done many races, 5ks, 10ks, Half marathons and a Full Marathon. I had Back surgery September 2011. It was all taken away from me. I was devastated I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be able to run again. That is what the turning point. Started off slow, but was able to come back strong and was able to run, so that when I decided I wanted to Train for my First Marathon. Which I did This June 2012, it was amazing, there are almost no words to describe the feeling and I cry talking about it. I thought If I am in the good of shape I am running another one I am signed up to do another one on September 1st. My Doctor told me I should not take up running full marathons, but my quest is not over. Running makes me very happy and its something I never thought I was capable and now I can live my life knowing I DID it!!

As for me I am the Owner of the Work It Circuit fitness Center In Harmony, MN. I waitress a couple of days a week at my Friends Restaurant and I am a Nail Tech on Fridays to the most amazing client. My kid kees me very busy, which I love. They are both involved in many sports and I love to follow them to all their events, I was a big athlete growing up and love it!! As my kids are growing up 16 and 13 they are getting more and more independent, that has allowed me to focus on my running and workouts more!! I always sit down the night before or the week and figure out when my runs or my workouts will happen. I stick to that to, or it won’t happen with my busy schedules. I am full of high energy, people will say can I have some of your energy, you determination, you commitment. I know that I create some of it though. The more you do the more you have. I am so blessed to have the most wonderful kids and my husband, who supports me in everything I do. He is not into running or fitness at all, but he is the best supporter and never has a problem with anything I do or buy for fitness. He is my Highschool sweetheart and I am so lucky to have him!! As a family we love to Fish, go 4 wheeling, snowmobiling, golfing, camping, cowtanking. So Blessed.

My Inspirations
•My Husband and Kids, trying to be the best mom and wife I can be! To be happy~
•Training for my 3rd and 4th Marathons and all my Running Goals
•To Be Healthy and Fit for Life ~ My Mantra
•My Sister and my Blogs that I have followed that have helped me so much!!
. To be the best friend and pay it forward as often as I can ~


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