I saw the sign and literally I am running after my Dreams……

About a month ago I was going to church with my daughter, who I’m so thankful and blessed to share our strong faith together. It was at her church in the cities, River Valley which has helped me to find my deeper connection with Jesus, for that I am forever grateful. I have always been strong in my faith, always went to church, but was missing something. I am finding it. If you give God your time, he will give it back. Thank you for so many signs and so many answered prayers. So back to my story. Thank you Pastor Kirk for the amazing sermon, as you started to talk about running the tears just roll down my cheeks. Happy Tears, the tears that are trying to tell me something. I knew right then and there. I was meant to hear this……I will RUN….. Well I am slowly but surely getting back into it and I can hardly wait. I’ve had a hard time saying lately, that I love to run because that is the truth for me right now. I don’t love it, when you give running the time and you commit to it you do find a passion and love for it on a daily basis . So I’m ready to find that love and passion again. Im finding it already in just the last few weeks and it just makes me so happy. Only runners truly do understand the feeling you get from it. Running is so much more than just running and I am so thankful for it. So that was my 1st sign, then I had a dream 2nd sign. A dream I was running an Ultra, Which is a race distance of anything higher than a marathon at 26.2 Man I woke and thought it was so real. Obviously it’s been on my mind since I finished my last marathon. So the 3rd sign, the day after I had the dream of running an ultra. A running friend Laura tagged me in a post about running a trail race or an Ultra. I could hardly believe it, I was speechless. This is exactly what I needed, at the right time. I could not believe that this race was in Decorah Iowa as well so nice and close.

So with that and these amazing signs. I’m filling my dreams. I am beyond excited and happy that I’ve decided to Run an ULTRA. A 50k – 31.069 miles. I’m so excited it’s on Decorah IA. It’s so beautiful down there. So let the training begin. I’m not holding anything back.

Thank you God for these awesome signs. I’m All signed up and hoping your ready to run with me Jesus. Love this verse. PERSEVERE

Always have a place to RUN to, always. The Place is GOD.

Glitter Girl on the Run



It’s been too long, but I’m happy to be back and ready to run!

Hello everyone it’s been along time since I wrote, not since 2016, Crazy how time flies. I’m back though and coming back stronger than ever. It sure put a smile on my face, when I decided to get my blog out here and write, I went back and I read a lot of blogs and it warmed my heart so much and clarified why I write these blogs. I’m really glad I have done it but I am bummed that I didn’t write about all 10 of my marathons and I wish I would have. I’ve started some and not finished. I’m going to try to go back and finish those. It’s hard cuz you forget things and especially while running a marathon. You’re mind is not very good. I hope everybody has been great. So picking up where I left off. 2016 was great, I ended it with running 2 marathons that year. Total of 10 marathons. I met all my running goals that year and finished my 51st half marathon. I I was proud of all I had accomplished. 2017 was a little bit of a tough year for me. It was good and it was tough on me all at the same time. So many great things happened, my daughter graduated High school. She was runner up state golf team champs. They were the section runner up champs in basketball. as well, it was a great year. I shed so many tears I was up-and-down the whole entire year. She got excepted to an awesome college. Augsburg university. she got a scholarship and plays volleyball so I was able to go and watch her play in the cities. I was so happy but not putting myself first, in the staying healthy and fits part. Not really any excuse to give up hard exercise but I did I walked and got exercise at work but I gave up the weights, I gave up running as much as I was. I ran here and there and that was ok. It was very tough sending her off to college and instead of going exercising like I should’ve I just felt sorry for myself for too long. In the beginning of 2017 I decided I was not going to run the races that I had ran in the past years. Just give myself a break and won’t be so hard on my back and legs and save money, all those races do add up. By giving all that up, what I loved doing. I love exercise. I lost my drive and motivation. It was like a pass to not exercise and train since I didn’t have races, is what i felt like. I still had a lot of fun and was very happy but just was not myself, since I wasn’t exercising alot. Well 2018 came and I was ready for a change. January 1st, I was ready to tackle this head-on. I asked god this time to help me on my journey. It was the best choice o could of made. I was giving a gift to the Rochester athletic club fitness center which is an amazing facility and I was not going to get this gift and not use it so I’ve been getting up every day at 3:30 AM driving an hour to Rochester and working out every day and I am so inspired by the people there and all the machines are challenging me and the weights. I absolutely love going there. I am beyond happy and thought see why did you give this up. They have a sauna and a steam room and hot tub that I have time to spend in after my work out. Self care is so important. I am going to bed early but when 8 o’clock comes around at night I’m ready to hit the hay for sure. I love having this routine. I truly was given a gift that I am forever grateful for. My life back. I have some races I am signed up for and one includes A half marathon with my sister in Georgia. I have big plans in store and I am ready to tackle it. Like another blogger said there will always be races one year not the next. Our weight will change from year to year, there will be ups and downs along your journey that is life and and I am real, but if you have a Passion for something, you run with it and that is just what I’m doing. Exercising hard again and running and it Feels amazing, One foot in front of the other, mile after mile on my journey. Sometimes we don’t know it or feel like it at first but our journeys take us to somewhere we were meant to be. I believe that is true and thank the good lord for this path I have been on and the new one I am on. I’m happy to be back. Another blog coming tomorrow that I am beyond excited about!!

Glitter Girl on the Run


Half Fast Half marathon    #2 of 16 in 2016

            Hope you are all doing great!! Spring is almost here. I can’t wait!!  Wow this winter went fast compared to some. Maybe it was cuz I was so busy training and working on the new me. Busy with my daughter and basketball and volleyball. All the stuff I love to do!!  Well we had a volleyball tournament scheduled in the cities. So I when I signed up for this  Half Fast Half, I thought perfect. Volleyball and running my kind of weekend.  I can race this and then head over to volleyball after. We didn’t start Vollyball til the afternoon,  so It was perfect. My winter training was going great. I was going out and enduring all different temps and  Snow and sleet and lots of wind. I truly believe, Though winter runs make you so much stronger and your pace is so much better and you already Know I’m not the biggest treadmill fan. I push so much harder outside. So that is what I did all winter !! My training is right on track, just like training for my first marathon. So back to the half, I got up that morning and the weather was supposed to be in the 30s that day, but driving up it was slick in spots. When I went to check in someone fell on the side walk. They were ok but  I thought oh dear. Well that was right. We had to be very careful could not run it as fast as we would of liked,  but I was ok with that. By mile 9 it was melting nicely and at Mile 9 I thought this is goi g really really well. The only thing I thought at that time was where were the water stations. I was quite thirsty by then. I ran into this girl and she said somewhere someone took a wrong turn and everyone was running the wrong route. Oh boy, but  we just kept going and  ran into a volunteer that gave us water gels. That was great and got us back on track. I ran the rest with this very nice girl, Carmen who happened to be a roommate of a girl I went to high school with. It’s a small world. I love meeting new runner friends. We chatted for the rest of the 3 miles, it was grest and just what I needed.  We then realized we were going to be a little short so of course o had to run the rest to make up the difference. Got a great medal. Always earned never given. I am s happy with how much stronger I am and running with less weight is just amazing. It’s inspire me to keep losing.

  I figured if you had 5 saks of 5 pound each of flour in a back pack would you bring them with on your run. NO WAY. Well you would have too but now that I have lost it. Running feels so much better and I’m not going back. CHANGE TO CHANGE  ~ Everything is just better. Good choices are so much better.  So I headed to the hotel after this run with a big smile on my face. Knowing I went to another start line ~ 44 Half marathons when I know how hard they are. I always love a challenge and this 16 halfs in 2016 will keep me in half shape all year!!  So with that on to my next half, my favorite race distance. With a big smile because I am reaching my goals and believing in myself that if you put your mind to it and have diciplin and work hard. It will prove hard pays off. Marathon day is just around the corner time to turn it up even more.  Mile after mile, one foot in front of the other on my Jouney ~

Glitter Gitl on the Run ~ Lindsay

Winter Run Securian Half Marathon 1st Half of 2016 ~ 

  Hello, wow 2 blogs in one week, pretty good for me. I wanted to write about my first Half marathon of 2016. I was super giddy and excited to start my race season off with this run. I wasn’t 100% ready for this run but I just took it easy and did what I could. I was struggling with some shin pain and I did not want to aggravate that anymore than I had too, so I just took it easy when I had to and made it through. It was nice that I got a good nights sleep before this race. The Race started at nine so I didn’t have to get up too early. I woke up on race day and it’s like a magic has gone through me, I’m giddy,  I’m nervous, I’m like a kid in a candy store but yet I have butterflies. I love it that I still am like that race after race. That’s why I keep going back for more, it is my true passion and Ifeels so right and natural. Makes my heart smile knowing I am in the right place. I headed to St. Paul to the Securian center a great place to park a great place to wait and stay warm before the race. Very organized. A lot of Giveaways, lots of goodies, you get a free shirt and then instead of a medal, you get a coffee mug  😊

  I think that’s a cool change even though I love my metals. I love drinking my coffee out of it. Reminds me of my run. I was talking with a group of girls before the race and everyone was discussing how many layers we all had on. At that point I thought oh boy I have too many layers on. It was a beautiful day but yet still felt chilly to me. 

  I always have this little voice in my head Julia saying shed a layer. Sometimes I listen to her and sometimes I don’t and 100% of the time she is right. Lol I should always listen to her. Well needless to say I was hotter than heck on the whole entire run I took my headband off at the end and my hair was absolutely dripping, soaking wet. I knew I burnt a ton more calories lol. Along my journey I was playing leapfrog with this girl. She would run ahead of me then I would go up ahead of her then she would go ahead of me bee did this pretty much the whole entire race. I finally decided to chat with her with a mile and half left. I told her she reminded me of a friend that has red hair that I wish was running with me. I just pretend my friend was there with me. She then told me that I was her inspiration. I got a tear at that moment and thought even know I was running slow I was still an inspiration to somebody ~ it doesn’t matter how fast you go as long as you’re going it’s your race it’s your pace. I am proud no matter what. I ran off and I did not stop until I got to the finish. I ran by my favorite building.  

 It makes my heart smile and thought of the great memories of it that I will have with me forever. I was greeting by Frostbite the polar bear. He loves taking selfies lol 

  I was happy I finished my race and happy I laced up again. I was meeting up with my daughter and friends for a volleyball photo shoot, so it worked out great that I was running up there. It was a great day and my next race is in 2 weeks. I am going to do 16 in 2016. Going to run 16 half marathon in 2016 official and Virtaul. Also planning on running a lot of different races this year so I am going to run 16 for official races of all different distances. 5k, 10k, 10 milers, 13.1 and 26.2. It’s going to be the best year. I can just feel it and the best part I will be turning 40 and I am going to be in my shape ever!!  Big Goals so with that I will continue one foot in front of the other, mile after mile in my journey to be Healthy and Fit for Life 
Glitter Girl in the Run ~ Lindsay 


It takes CHANGE to make CHANGE 

Well it’s been a month since I have wrote, time sure does fly that’s for sure. I Hope everyone is staying warm this winter. We had a snowstorm that kept us in the last few days. So Thankful for my treadmill on days like that. I usually look at those days as a great day to work out. I have been busy,  hard at it trying to eat healthy, cross training and training for a marathon and some half marathons. Every year I start off saying this is going to be the year and every year for the last couple years it ha not been my year. For this last year I have been trying to wrap my brain around trying to eat better and I would for a few days and then I fall off the wagon, then I try again. I worked out all the time so I felt like I was in shape I was somewhat Fit,  but I know you can’t out run a bad diet. Or out workout a bad diet. So somewhere somehow I dug deep and found the strength with in me.  I started on Thanksgiving day with working out and adding a lot more weights and crosstraining to my training. I Have been going to get fit class which I have absolutely loved. Jessica is an inspiration and is very motivating. I’m so glad she does this class local cuz we don’t have alot of options in a small town. It has help me tone up in many ways. I have found my arms again. That makes me smile.  I have always loved arms with definition. I have been working on planks since Thanksgiving I have not missed today. Can’t believe how much stronger I’ve gotten from doing them.  

I have a Marathon training program that I follow along with adding my walks every morning. That has been a huge help this time around to every free second I have I jump on my treadmill and walk, it helps me get more steps in and it also helps a burn more calories. My mindset is so different than it has been in a long time. So through the month of December I trained hard my eating was pretty good but with the holidays in there it wasn’t trying my hardest. So right after Christmas I decided it was time to join weight watchers to help me in the eating department because I have a fitness and exercise and running all down pretty good. I have been a member there in the past but not been a member there for over three years. This was the best choice I could’ve made. It has motivated me so much. I’m accountable which I need for this part of it. I Have beenTracking my food, meal prepping and searching out healthy recipes scanning food items and not buying items that are way high in points. I still laugh about the day I said To my daughter do you want to stop and get some ice cream because I know she likes her ice cream treats. She said sure and she is helping me with this weight loss as well because she then says to me well how many points is in a blizzard. I was driving so I said look it up. So she proceeded to do that and just started laughing a blizzard that I like is 31 points for a small. I laughed as well and said well I guess I’m NOT having one of those. The old me would’ve said Yep I’m having one anyway. I’m so glad I didn’t have one. I finally feel in control not all the time but most of the time. I still have some cheat meals and items but I don’t do a whole day it’s one meal or one food item. I still like my beers too once in awhile, so I just count the points. I want to get down to where I was for my very first marathon. Running was so much easier then with out the extra weight. I know it’s not all about the scale and I can’t wait till I can get to that point but as far as running it’s putting pressure on my back and legs and I need to get it off.  I am 18 pounds down since Thanksgiving and I could not be more happy.  I joined a Dietbet with Run With Jess and I have made my goal for that weigh in is next week. I am in a Phat club with my cousin, my mom and other friends and we are doing really good in that as well and that has helped me stay accountable as well. Anything to keep you accountable and motivated. Surround Yourself with like-minded people and people that lift you up and encourage you along your way. 

Losing weight is a very tough thing to do you really have to get your mindset in the right place. You have to track you have to meal prep and you have to plan ahead or else you set yourself up to fail. You Have to keep exploring for new recipes so you don’t get sick of the same stuff and fall into your old habits.  You also have to live too, so if it’s going out for supper with friends and having a piece a cake or some beers or some wings or whatever you just count them and you get back on track after that meal or the next day. My family and friends are so important to me and I love spending time with them all.  With 18 pounds gone I already feel a difference in my running I feel like my pace is starting to get back to normal my leg and back hurt less. I am on a mission this time and I’m not backing down till I get there. I feel So different this time and I really do feel the Best is yet to come. I know there’s going to be lots of ups and downs on this journey but I am going to try and stay as positive and happy as I can along my journey. If you asked me in October if I was going to be able to lose 18 pounds I would’ve said no, not possible. Well If you believe in yourself and give it all you’ve got, you can do anything you put your mind to. The New Me  

 so here’s to the next month February I got you. When I signed up for my 9th marathon in the beginning of December ~ The flying pig marathon on May 1st.my goal was to lose 20 pounds by then. Yay I’m almost there and now I hope I can lost another 20. Small goal and little steps turn into big goals and big steps.  

  So with that I continue one foot in front of the other, mile after mile on my journey ~ 

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay