Love my Runner Tree & Ornaments

iphone photos 034Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season.  You all prolly know by now that I Love to Decorate.  I have a strong passion for that along with Running and Fitness. So last year I made my first runner tree!  So this year I had to add a few things to it!!  This has a lot of my favorite races and bibs, not all my marathons bibs and medals cuz some of them are in Shadow boxes adn of course not all y Half, but Special races and who I ran them with are on this tree 🙂   So many races have so many meaning to me that I just smile and it warms my heart to look at this tree.  It has my first pair of running shoes under the tree and the tree skirt is the Mylar wrap from TC marathon this year, that makes me smile too!!  So a friend showed me an idea and told me to try it so I did!!  iphone photos 116   So I did I glittered all these balls and it turned out great!! I added one of my Runner Girl stickers to one of them!!   I love it so much and it was such great addition to my tree.  iphone photos 121iphone photos 123

So after that I thought I had it all done and then A friend was making salt dough ornaments and I had a brilliant idea.  159To use my runner cookie dough cutters and made super fun ornaments with them!  So I did and they turned out super cute!!  Just super fun when you want to give one to a Friend Her is what I did 🙂163Here is the Final Product, was so happy with how they turned out!!   I had so much fun doing all the decorating and for my Love for Running, it made me Happy to do it all!   172Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay